win Soul RelationshipsAre you seeing 11: 11 everywhere, this is the call of your ONE twin-flame. This is signal set up by God and you and your Twin-Flames to re-unite a…

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*Wrapped up* 11*1*2015

The Days, past slowly. Each moment, that I’m not with you.
My heart, longs to be somewhere else…
I find comfort. In your,  presence.
My Heart, sighs with love…Each beat faster.
Something special, indeed.
Fire,Peace, Love, Comfort and Harmony…
I look at you, in wonder…as my heart thunders.
Ache, in certain ways…
With you, I see no end.
Just possibilities…Love and Happiness.
Just you, me. Our families..
Living, in the Light..with joy and honesty.
Being..Who we are.Meant to be..
No pressure, No expectations..
No Fear, No jealousy or any low vibrational thing.
Forgiveness & Mercy
Unconditional Love for you..
You are a gift..
I know your value..
And will always. Appreciate you…
My Love….
By:Cynthia L. Thompson

My Gentle Love…10*22*2015

What I thought. That i wanted. Was nothing.Compared, to what I actually needed. You were a surprise. Something, so unexpected. God, really does knows best. In my heart. I liked you, from the start. I denied my feelings…for you. Thought, that. I was, all in love. With another. Your energy, makes me tremble. Weak in the knees..Never, have I felt. This electricity…that I feel, with you. And when you touch me. It is electric! I burn for you….It is like the world, doesn’t exist. When we are together. The day passes… And, I am still wrapped up. In your arms…Everything, about you. Turns me on.. Your quiet, strong ways…To your spiritual, moral compass. How you are quick. To give of yourself, time. And how you’re so positive, always. Even when problems arise. When I look into your eyes…I see how you adore me. And I, you. Two years, you were there…watching, waiting. For me,to see you. And now, I do. Honestly, I can say. That I never, want to be away from you. Because , you are in my heart now…Just having you near. Makes everything, so much better…
Being with the right one…Truly does, make a difference.
By: Cynthia L. Thompson


Through The Fire…

All Thanks and Praise, To The Great Spirit….From whom, we come & go back to. I’ve been tested…Put through the fires…Molten, Reshaped. A work, in transition. All I thought. I knew. Wasn’t compared. To what, I learned. All of my life. I knew, that I was special. Here to do something meaningful. Assist my fellow-man, in any way I can….For we are  suppose  to ,Love one another…Skin is just skin. A body, just a vassal. God, loves us. Unconditionally.Why can’t we do the same…My Love is endless.There are no strings attached…Just Love..Unconditional.
The path, I walk alone. Until the One, who is worthy. To walk, at my side. Appears…All I have is time..
Perfection. We all are. Just the way, we are.
Love of God…Self..The World.
My heart is warm, loving..kind.
Filled with hope. For a better tomorrow, for all. Much Love, Light & Happiness. Many Blessings,
By : Cynthia L. Thompson

Light Of My Light….

Oh! Light of my light….
How you inspire me…
My heart overflows, with love for God, for self, for all.
The Days, are like gems…
Sparkling, in the sunlight…
Waterfalls  topped off by mountains…
Fresh,Clear, Rejuvinating!
I stand in awe…In your presence.
Light of my light…
How I adore you….


Alive! Free! Inner peace resides here, in me.
So very Loved, And extremely happy to just be…
By.  Cynthia L. Thompson

” Reunion”. 8*28*2015


My Soul weeps, at the thought of our reunion. One step, to being spiritually whole. With God, once more. Not out of sorrow, but of joy, happiness. Most of all…unconditional Love…
I rejoice in the knowing that one day soon. We will be fulfilling our Destiny…You inspire me, like no other on this earth.
All that ever, was asked of me.  Was to have faith, trust & believe.
That everything, will happen and work out for the best. In due time.
Well patience, was never my strongest attribute. I’ve learned to be just that.
So I hold you in my heart…
Forsaking all other’s….Improving &  Striving to be better, all of my days…Because you are worth it.
In so many ways. With each day, I fall deeper in love with you.
This heady mix of giddiness. Walking around smiling every day.
There are no words, I can say…to describe the meaning & depth.
You’ve brought, into my life…
All that comes to mind. Is how much , I am in love with you.
And how, you’ve changed my life….

By: Cynthia L. Thompson

A Joyful Heart… 4*16*2015

It is with a joyful heart, that I live each day. Finding pleasure with the simple things in life. My heart sighs… As I listen to, the eagles cry.
Love makes one, really enjoy the beauty of life. The time has come….
The time is now, to be happy….
Forget the trivial things. Treat everyone, with Love and Respect.
Even those, who curse and belittle you. Do not let their negativity affect you. Do not give energy, to it. Rise above it. I don’t claim, to be perfect. For,no one is…Life is not, a game. We are all here, for a purpose. Hopefully, you find what it is. And do it. Live each day, with a joyful heart. Let Light and Love Rule. And see how much richer. More fulfilling, life becomes…More Alive, Better ,Stronger ,Impowered. Just Humbled, by it all. My Spiritual journey. Is the most important thing, in my life right now. Becoming whole again. My Real Self.


Written By : Cynthia L. Thompson

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