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I was born & raised in Charlotte, NC..Trained Chef, Activist,Artist, Published Poet. I dabble in jewelry making,photography,l love inventing natural products..

My Love…

My Love….When i look at you. My heart flutters. And it just melts..

All i can do, is sigh..

The world,stands still. When we are together.

A love, that is unbreakabe.

Unshakeable too..

I can’ t believe that i tried to erase you from my life..Or so. I thought. Lol…Every tim

e. Something keeps me drawn to you. Wanting you, so bad. That i can feel you. You live in the deepest part of me,my soul. The real me. You, me..Just We…Alone.

I cannot wait. Until then.

Your mere presence, excites me. Your spirit, moves me.

For you are a lover, friend. As close as family. Hell, you are my family. I love you, more words can express.

I am grateful. To have met you.

With much love, affection & faith in you. I will always support you.

Never doubt that.

LIY & CLT Forever….


*Wrapped up* 11*1*2015

The Days, past slowly. Each moment, that I’m not with you.
My heart, longs to be somewhere else…
I find comfort. In your,  presence.
My Heart, sighs with love…Each beat faster.
Something special, indeed.
Fire,Peace, Love, Comfort and Harmony…
I look at you, in wonder…as my heart thunders.
Ache, in certain ways…
With you, I see no end.
Just possibilities…Love and Happiness.
Just you, me. Our families..
Living, in the Light..with joy and honesty.
Being..Who we are.Meant to be..
No pressure, No expectations..
No Fear, No jealousy or any low vibrational thing.
Forgiveness & Mercy
Unconditional Love for you..
You are a gift..
I know your value..
And will always. Appreciate you…
My Love….
By:Cynthia L. Thompson