*Wrapped up* 11*1*2015

The Days, past slowly. Each moment, that I’m not with you.
My heart, longs to be somewhere else…
I find comfort. In your,  presence.
My Heart, sighs with love…Each beat faster.
Something special, indeed.
Fire,Peace, Love, Comfort and Harmony…
I look at you, in wonder…as my heart thunders.
Ache, in certain ways…
With you, I see no end.
Just possibilities…Love and Happiness.
Just you, me. Our families..
Living, in the Light..with joy and honesty.
Being..Who we are.Meant to be..
No pressure, No expectations..
No Fear, No jealousy or any low vibrational thing.
Forgiveness & Mercy
Unconditional Love for you..
You are a gift..
I know your value..
And will always. Appreciate you…
My Love….
By:Cynthia L. Thompson


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