Through The Fire…

All Thanks and Praise, To The Great Spirit….From whom, we come & go back to. I’ve been tested…Put through the fires…Molten, Reshaped. A work, in transition. All I thought. I knew. Wasn’t compared. To what, I learned. All of my life. I knew, that I was special. Here to do something meaningful. Assist my fellow-man, in any way I can….For we are  suppose  to ,Love one another…Skin is just skin. A body, just a vassal. God, loves us. Unconditionally.Why can’t we do the same…My Love is endless.There are no strings attached…Just Love..Unconditional.
The path, I walk alone. Until the One, who is worthy. To walk, at my side. Appears…All I have is time..
Perfection. We all are. Just the way, we are.
Love of God…Self..The World.
My heart is warm, loving..kind.
Filled with hope. For a better tomorrow, for all. Much Love, Light & Happiness. Many Blessings,
By : Cynthia L. Thompson


One thought on “Through The Fire…”

  1. This is for those, who have experienced the worse. In life and are still able to rise above. The hatred, pain , and sorrow that affects this world..And those of us, who are just trying to live our lives. With the least amount of drama as possible. I left the posts, on here to show. How Cruel, hateful and mean. Some people are. There are those who feed off negativy…They relish in, another’s pain. Which makes the world. A very sad place to be. For those, of the light…But one thing, I do know. Don’t mess, with the light. You just might get burned!

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