” Reunion”. 8*28*2015


My Soul weeps, at the thought of our reunion. One step, to being spiritually whole. With God, once more. Not out of sorrow, but of joy, happiness. Most of all…unconditional Love…
I rejoice in the knowing that one day soon. We will be fulfilling our Destiny…You inspire me, like no other on this earth.
All that ever, was asked of me.  Was to have faith, trust & believe.
That everything, will happen and work out for the best. In due time.
Well patience, was never my strongest attribute. I’ve learned to be just that.
So I hold you in my heart…
Forsaking all other’s….Improving &  Striving to be better, all of my days…Because you are worth it.
In so many ways. With each day, I fall deeper in love with you.
This heady mix of giddiness. Walking around smiling every day.
There are no words, I can say…to describe the meaning & depth.
You’ve brought, into my life…
All that comes to mind. Is how much , I am in love with you.
And how, you’ve changed my life….

By: Cynthia L. Thompson


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