A Joyful Heart… 4*16*2015

It is with a joyful heart, that I live each day. Finding pleasure with the simple things in life. My heart sighs… As I listen to, the eagles cry.
Love makes one, really enjoy the beauty of life. The time has come….
The time is now, to be happy….
Forget the trivial things. Treat everyone, with Love and Respect.
Even those, who curse and belittle you. Do not let their negativity affect you. Do not give energy, to it. Rise above it. I don’t claim, to be perfect. For,no one is…Life is not, a game. We are all here, for a purpose. Hopefully, you find what it is. And do it. Live each day, with a joyful heart. Let Light and Love Rule. And see how much richer. More fulfilling, life becomes…More Alive, Better ,Stronger ,Impowered. Just Humbled, by it all. My Spiritual journey. Is the most important thing, in my life right now. Becoming whole again. My Real Self.


Written By : Cynthia L. Thompson


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